Karla Ruiz Castile

Director of ESPERANTRA, Master in Economics and Administration of the “la Sapienza” University of Rome; He has followed a specialization in HTA Health Technology Assessment at the University of Piura. Karla is Ambassador of the Latin America Patients Academy LAPA and an expert in Health Advocacy.

She is the first South American Country Champion of UICC and promoter of ULACPUL (Latin American Union against lung cancer), she has collaborated for more than 10 years with the improvement of the safety and quality of life of patients with chronic and high-cost diseases, contributing to the recognition of the voice and participation of patients as a fundamental part of decision-making in health and Patient-Centered Medicine. Karla is an international speaker and leader in Expert Patient training programs.

Mercedes Onofre

She is the daughter of Helena Lostanau, a wonderful example of the fight against lung cancer, who lived with this diagnosis for 9 years.
Mercedes is a Computer Engineer by profession, today, she continues with her work that her mother began, to achieve better care conditions for patients with lung cancer in Peru and the region.

Nancy Ortiz Aviles

Journalist, University of Chile; Bachelor of Social Communication; Diploma in Communications and Health Administration, Faculty of Administration and Economics, U. de Chile. Extensive experience in information management, research, editing, and communication consultancy, advocacy, press, and strategic communication of social health organizations. Trained by the American Cancer Society in Global Management of Patient NGOs. Founder and former Vice President of the Association of Scientific Journalists, ACHIPEC. Current coordinator of the Circle of Health Journalists of the College of Journalists of Chile.

Patricia Mondragon

Founder of the Organization of patients with lung cancer "Breathing with Value", Graduated in Business Administration and Tourism. Patricia is an expert in health advocacy.
She is the Latin American representative of the Global Lung Cancer Coalition; She has collaborated for 12 years with the improvement of the safety and quality of life of patients with lung cancer. As the daughter of a patient with lung cancer, she learned about the difficulties of patients and that journey inspired her to help others. Today, with his work team, they form the United Front against Lung Cancer in Mexico.

Ignacio Zervino

Degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires and Master in Administration and Public Policies from the University of San Andrés, Argentina.
Foundation for Patients with Lung Cancer: re-launch of the Foundation and design of assistance and support programs for patients.
•ACIAPO Foundation: Volunteer at ACIAPO from 2007 to 2009. Then and until October 2016, Director of Institutional Relations, with a focus on public advocacy programs.